Connected employees. Any time. Any place.

A world leader in powersport vehicles and propulsion systems, BRP works in 26 countries with manufacturing spread across Canada, USA, Mexico, Austria and Finland. Seeking to improve their employee experience, BRP leadership launched an HR transformation to connect employees in a single community without language barriers, time zone constraints or technology restrictions. They wanted to give employees ownership of their HR matters through a self-service portal by empowering employees.

Supercharging the self-service experience.

BRP selected Deloitte as a partner to design and implement a superior, loyalty-inspiring, and culture-transforming employee experience. The result, built on a single platform powered by Salesforce Service Cloud, Community Cloud and Knowledge, allows all employees to interact directly with BRP across their entire lifecycle. This new employee experience is both web- and mobile-enabled, allowing employees to quickly find answers to their questions in a single, secure place no matter where they are.

Firing up the solution.

The collaboration between Deloitte and BRP produced, an efficient and powerful employee self-service portal. Over 7,000 BRP employees worldwide now have one-stop shopping for all their HR needs, including the BRP knowledge base, information about employment, benefits, performance, as well as an organizational chart, and even access to the BRP community. The entire resource is delivered on a single social cloud platform, creating a seamless experience on the front end while being completely integrated with core HR systems on the back end. That sound you hear? That’s the BRP employee experience revving up.

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