Digital dilemma.

Equitable Bank, a successful Canadian financial institution specializing in residential mortgages and commercial lending, wanted to expand its offerings by launching a digital bank from the ground up. Working with a banking software suite from Temenos, EQ Bank knew it would have the ability to store customer data, establish an overall online presence and handle banking transactions. Beyond that functionality, however, the bank wanted to develop a highly unique and powerfully branded digital solution, despite having no physical branches.

Designing the customer experience.

EQ Bank partnered with Deloitte Digital to help design an appealing banking experience for its new customer base, ultimately selecting us to provide design, development and integration services for its customer-facing digital solution.

Our first step was to design the customer experience and establish a minimum viable feature set. Using a seamless combination of market analyses, customer personas and an audience research report, we developed a series of mock-ups to show the company how customers would walk through their digital experience. Next, we went through the functional design—focusing on such things as process flow and page design. And because the devil is in the details, we paid careful attention to every creative element—from web banners and colours to the site’s look and feel.

In a bid to get the digital bank up and running, our team also extended Temenos’ customer onboarding functionality. The system was designed to open accounts face-to-face, so we designed a process to onboard new customers from a desktop, tablet, or mobile phone. To round out the experience, we also played a role in product design, provided product management expertise and played an integral part in the technical development and integration of the overall solution.

Getting to go.

EQ Bank was impressed with how quickly we were able to get a competitive offering to market—it received a custom-designed experience in just 18 months—and was very pleased with the result. Its new, intuitive and progressive banking solution launched in January 2016 to immediate success, far exceeding its business goals.

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